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kitap ve kapatmak [entries|friends|calendar]
A. M. Huffman

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I'm fucking miserable [29 Feb 2016|12:24am]
See above


. [05 Jul 2015|01:45am]
I've never been this close to leaving.


October 23rd [23 Oct 2011|03:27am]
I feel like I could leave and nobody would care.


October 22nd [22 Oct 2011|03:21am]
I don't know what to do.



October 17th [17 Oct 2011|04:43am]
Woke up fairly easily and went to the bar.  Didn't have a customer for quite a while and then Chad West showed up to watch the Bengals game I was streaming on my laptop.  He didn't buy anything.

Alisha came in with leftovers she had offered to Clint and had me put them in the fridge.  I try to be understanding about it, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt she would flip shit if the tables were the other way.  I just don't have it in my heart to legitimately pursue anyone else.

She stayed for a bit and played guitar.  A couple customers came and went.  A few more.  Watched football and baseball throughout the day.  Bengals went to 4-2 going into the bye week and St. Louis clinched the NLCS in Game 6.

Closed the bar an hour early and grabbed cigarettes, beer and tacos.  Stopped by the band spot to eat the aforementioned tacos and realized I had to do truck order, so I pounded my food and left.  Stopped by work and did truck, then went home.  

I gave my mom a hug and told her happy birthday.  Came upstairs and listened to music and did generally nothing, drank a few beers.  Watched some cell phone porn while the laptop had a seizure.

Probably won't be drunk tonight, but I do need to get some sleep.  I wish I would've laid down when I got home as I felt as though I could have fallen asleep and now I'm in a bit of a trance.


[01 Aug 2011|06:44am]
Why do you call me and not him?


[22 Jul 2011|02:07am]
You feel so empty because noone will ever love you like i do.


I'm [02 Apr 2009|01:30pm]
Never going to be happy I guess.

Sorry for the c.2002 angst.


[31 Mar 2009|01:42am]
i guess it'll never get better.

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[17 Feb 2009|05:04am]
I haven't posted on here in like a year and a half, so I am assuming noone reads it.

I can't post stuff like this on myspace/facebook/twitter.

So, yeah.

I blew it really hard with a girl I like.  I drove ten hours to see her and made an ass of myself.

But I guess it's good that I learned a lot about where I am and where I need to be.

I just wish there wasn't so much collateral damage.


[27 Nov 2007|02:32am]
im tired.

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So pretty much [26 Feb 2007|01:03am]
I miss her more than I thought I could miss anyone.

I just want to know how she is.

And that he is good to her.



[23 Feb 2007|05:43am]
story of my life


Fall 2006 [13 Apr 2006|11:50am]
ANTH 337 - NAT'L VIOLENCE AND STATE - Yvonne Jones - W - 5:30-8:15

PAS 300 - HIP-HOP CULTURE AND ITS IMPACT - William Tkweme - TR - 1:00-2:15

HIST 390 - CENTRAL ASIAN HISTORY - Scott Levi - TR - 2:30-3:15

GEOS 220 - CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN METEOROLOGY - David Howarth - TR - 4:00-5:15

MUH 212 - HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL - Sean Mulhall - TR - 6:00-7:15

No class on Monday or Friday. Bitchin!


this is the final battle [16 Mar 2006|02:58am]
life is a wavelength
from crest to trough and back again
a series of zeniths and collapses

this is the final battle

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[12 Mar 2006|06:29am]
Driving to Nashville to play for 2 people and not get paid one red dime is a blast.

No, seriously.

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Tonight [11 Mar 2006|04:06am]
Tonight was really amazing.

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this is our time [10 Mar 2006|12:25am]
Today was a good day.
Tomorrow will be good, too.

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[05 Mar 2006|09:36am]
I can't fucking believe you. After all that has happened you fucking do that to me. You are so fucking dead to me. I hope one day you realize it was worth it. But I also hope you wake up today and want to die because of what you did. Just drown yourself again, it will all be better.


[25 Feb 2006|04:42am]
every night seems longer than its predecessor.

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